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I update the scholarship page as I get information on scholarships, so please visit the Scholarship page often!!

Oklahoma's Promise offers qualified Oklahoma students the opportunity to earn a scholarship for college tuition at an Oklahoma career tech, two-year college or four-year university.

Who is qualified?

  • Must be an Oklahoma resident.
  • Must be enrolled in 8th-10th grade.
  • Parents' annual federal adjusted gross income must not exceed $55,000.


Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program


Oklahoma City University

Computer Science Fellows Program

The Computer Science Fellows Program is a prestigious opportunity for select, high-achieving, first-time, full-time freshmen entering the B.S., Computer Science program at Oklahoma City University as a direct high school matriculate. This unique program offers an up to full-tuition scholarship opportunity for four years (eight semesters) of study at OKCU.

  • Fall admission only. 
  • University admission application
  • Scholarship application. 
  • Student essay.


  • First-time, full-time domestic freshman (direct high school matriculate). 
  • FAFSA submission required.
  • ACT Score ≥ 26 (or SAT equivalent). 
  • Cumulative high school GPA ≥ 3.60. 
  • B.S., Computer Science majors only. 
  • Four-year (eight semesters) graduation from the B.S., Computer Science program is expected. 


OSU Institute of Technology would like to invite you to CAREER ENCOUNTERS!

Are you still undecided about your college major?  Let us help narrow down your options.

Come to OSUIT and experience hands-on demonstrations, academic program activities, personal meetings with possible future employers and a chance to get to know our faculty and students on a personal level.

Career Encounters will give you the hands-on experience in the career fields you are interested in, allowing you to narrow down your options.  This event is for high school seniors, adult learners, and CareerTech students!
Career Encounters will be held Tuesday, October 9th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the OSUIT campus in Okmulgee, OK . Check out our SCHEDULE OF EVENTS. 

Pre-Registration is required and can be found at

If you have any questions please contact Sable Vasquez at 918-293-5218 or




Presented by Shelly Harris, Testing Specialist

Saturday, October 14th  

1:00pm – 3:30pm
This workshop includes instruction on the English, Math, Critical Reading, and Science Reasoning sections of the exam, the ACT Handbook with the “secrets” to scoring high on the exam, and guided practice over all sections.  

ACT Practice Exam – Students will take a practice ACT from beginning to end with actual time and environment restrictions. Utilize the results provided from the workshop to immediately see how the new practices Ms. Harris provides help you. You will also develop an understanding of areas to focus on for needed improvement and learning.




Presented by Francesca James, researcher and author

Tuesday, September 18th or November 6th

6:00pm – 9:00pm


There are billions of dollars in free money through scholarships available to help students pay for a Higher Education.  

Students will also receive a workbook filled with many practical strategies to avoid accumulating excessive student loan debt!



Parents may attend for just an additional $10


For more information and online enrollment:


Please let us know if you have questions or need assistance with enrollment.


Anaiah RobinsonAssistant, Kids College & Teen Sceen 
6420 S.E. 15th Street | Midwest City, OK 73110-2799 | p: 405.733.7392 | e:

Online Enrollment and Information:


Rick Woodard Director, Community Learning Center
6420 S.E. 15th Street | Midwest City, OK 73110-2799 | p: 405.733.7392 | e:

 HS seniors can apply starting June 1st (summer before senior year) to December 1st (of senior year) on

- Approximately 1500 scholarships awarded nationwide each year

- These scholarships pay tuition and fees (amount based on type of scholarship offered), $600 annually for books, and a tax free monthly stipend of $300-$500

- See the attachment ‘Talking Paper – HS School Pgm’ for more information


Air Force ROTC

- Air Force ROTC is a three- or four-year program that prepares college students to become officers in the USAF

- Students do not need to be on an Air Force ROTC scholarship to join

- Students can major in any field and be in Air Force ROTC

- Students can participate in the program for up to two years without incurring a service commitment

- In-college scholarship opportunities are available for students who join the program and excel

- See the attachment ‘AFROTC Det 675’ for more information

- See the attachment ‘How to Become an Air Force ROTC Cadet’ for instructions on how to join


Here is a link to a  FREE eBook – Financial Aid: Paying for College and University – which helps students through the financial aid process by teaching them:

  • The basics of financial aid
  • Where to find help paying for college
  • How to apply for financial assistance
  • How to estimate and compare the costs of their college choices
  • Ways to reduce and pay for the costs financial aid doesn’t cover

 Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership HOBY’S State Leadership Seminars are America’s premier leadership program for high school sophomores.  Interested students should register at HOBY.ORG/RegisterNow. 

Don’t forget the June  ACT test date 6-9

next test is July 14 and You must be registered by June15


Oklahoma State University Important Deadlines- Nov. 1 Early Opportunity Scholarship Deadline, Feb.1 Priority Scholarship Deadline, July 1 Final Scholarship Deadline.  More dates on Important dates page.

Sort Colleges by Cost


The U.S. Department of Education recently released its first annual update of the redesigned College Scorecard — available at — to ensure that students and families have the most up-to-date, comprehensive and reliable information available on colleges, all in an easy-to-understand format. 

The site allows visitors to sort and filter their search results to easily compare schools and decide which college makes the most sense when considering costs.

Are You Ready For The ACT?

  • Average Composite ACT Score: National Avg.  21.0 vs Your School  __?

  • Average Math Score: National Avg.  20.9 vs Your School  __? 

  • Let Us Help.


ACT Algebra Practice is offering  FREE  access to your high school.

We are an online course that teaches students how to breakdown, analyze and solve ACT algebra word problems they may see on the exam.

Your students will have access up until test date. 



Once at ACT Algebra go to  "School Course" and type in  "free" as the password.  




Roxie Auld

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